Poster Presentation Schedule- Session 4

22 JULY 2016, Friday 10:50-12:00
Category: Sports For The Aged And Active Aging
Chairpersons: Prof. He Yuxiu, Prof. Wu Huey-June
Venue: Lam Woo International Conference Centre
Presenter Code Topic Organization
Chou, Pei-Yin S401 Relationships between muscle mass and functional fitness in the elderly female Hsinchu University of Education, Taiwan
Leung K.M. S402 Psychometric properties of 8-item Physical Activity Enjoyment Scale in Chinese older adults Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Janet L.C. Lee S403 Exploring the usage and perception of elderly fitness corner in Hong Kong: A mix-model pilot study Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, Sports & Recreation Research Centre, Hong Kong
張日輝 S404 p62 在阿爾茨海默病大鼠腦組織tau過磷酸化中作用研究 沈陽體育學院運動人體科學學院, 中國
HSU ,PAO-WEN S405 A Discussion on Risk Management and Leisure Constraints of Recreational Diving in Lanyu Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
HSU ,PAO-WEN S406 The Correlation Between Regular Exercise of the Elderly and Reduction of National Health Insurance Expenditure Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
Zhu Yeqing S407 The influence of aging on the quality of life Shanghai University of Sport, China
刘上元 S408 A systematic review of the mechanisms of Tai Chi in improving balance among older adults Nanjing Normal University, China
Chen Jian-Wei S409 Relationship between lower extremity strength and gait variability in middle-aged and elderly female Taiwan University of Sport, Taiwan
Cheng Chien Min S410 Can traditional qigong regimen exercises and medical resonance music stimulating intervention delay dementia in the elderly? National Kaohsiung University, Taiwan
散曼丽 S411 On regular physical exercise and recreational activities, Effect on cardiovascular function of the elderly in community 武漢體育學院, 中國
魏晓美 S412 Discussion of The Importance of Aged-education in Active Aging 武漢體育學院, 中國
杨宁 S413 A study of percentile norm of functional fitness in older adults Nanjing Normal University, China
HangPing Wang S414 Influence of 8 weeks of Yanhe Dance on Health Physical Fitness and Biochemical Indexes for Old People Yun Nan University, China
郭峰 S415 太極拳運動對中老年人心臟植物神經系統及下肢神經肌肉功能影響的研究 沈陽體育學院運動人體科學學院, 中國
Siu Yin Cheung S416 Effects of intermittent hypoxia training on physiological responses for older adults Hong Kong Baptist Univeristy, Hong Kong
涂平 S417 健身氣功五禽戲對中老年人核心區力量影響的研究 成都體育學院武術系, 中國

Poster Presentation Schedule- Session 5

22 JULY 2016, Friday 10:50-12:00
Category: Sports for Different Populations
Chairpersons: Dr. Chan Kwok Ki, Dr. Shi Qingde
Venue: Lam Woo International Conference Centre
Presenter Code Topic Organization
CHAN CHI KIT S501 Research on Junior High School Students' Interest on Learning Sports Beijing Sports University, China
Hsiang-Ting Li S502 To Compare the intensity of Ping Shuai Gong Exercises Between Female College Students and Faculty Members Chinese Culture University, Taiwan
Jing-Chen Liao S503 The effects of Ping Shuai Gong exercise in female adult Chinese Culture University, Taiwan
Meng Huanhuan S504 Present conditions on myofascial of shoulder pain Hebei Normal University, China
Zhexiao Zhou S505 An Empirical Study on the Functional Training to Promote Gross Motor Skill of Preschoolers aged 5 to 6 years Hebei Normal University, China
Ching-Wen Ko S506 Physical fitness and Motor Development of Children with Down Syndrome St John's University/ Chinese Culture University, Taiwan
Ming-Yu Huang S507 Protective effect conferred by the initial bout of different intensities of eccentric exercise against subsequent bout of maximal eccentric exercise National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Yu-Chun Liu S508 The Sport Performance of Kettlebell Training and Single Bout Intensity of the Response Chinese Culture University, Taiwan
CHEN KUAN-LIEH S509 Effect of Run Out Times after Break Shot in Nine-Ball Matches Chinese Culture University, Taiwan
Chen, Guan-Ling S511 Assessment of yoga exercise on lower limb muscular power in females 新竹教育大學, 台灣
Chao-Chun Sun S512 Combination of Conventional Swimming and Total immersion Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
Chao-Chun Sun S513 Physical Education Class with Fun- Swimming Teaching Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
温煦 S514 The effects of acute moderate intensity soccer training on children's inhibition function 浙江大學, 中國
劉瑩芳 S515 八週不穩定功能鞋介入對於步行能量消耗之影響 新生醫護管理專科學校, 台灣
Chen, Shih-Ting S516 The difference between predetermined and actual exercise intensity of sprint period in high-intensity interval exercise Hsinchu University of Education , Taiwan
Li Qingshan S518 我國老年人健康體適能評定指標的可行性研究 Shenyang Sports University, China

Poster Presentation Schedule- Session 6

22 JULY 2016, Friday 10:50-12:00
Category: Scientific Training for Elite Athletes
Chairpersons: Dr. Kong Zhaowei, Dr. Wendy Huang Yajun
Venue: Lam Woo International Conference Centre
Presenter Code Topic Organization
Ching-Feng Cheng S601 Effects of Beta-alanine Supplementation on 3-min All-out Rowing Performance in Adolescent Rowers National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Chun-Chung, Chou S602 Periodic Changes of Hormonal Profile and Insulin Sensitivity in Elite Male Taekwondo Athletes National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan
Kun-Hua Lu S603 Effects of Scapular mover Muscules Training On Subacromio Space changes in Health College males National Taiwan University of Sport, Taiwan
Ming-Ta Chiang S604 Effects of Scapular mover Muscular Training On Subacromial Space changes in Elite College Baseball players National Taiwan University of Sport, Taiwan
Ying-Chieh Lin S605 The utilization of presence perception on the sport of table tennis Chao Yang University of Technology, Taiwan
Vandewalle Henry S606 Kennelly'model of running performances applied to elite endrance runners University Paris XIII, France
Wei Hung S607 Comparison of the training effect of shoulder girdle muscles between Elite baseball players and Healthy college males National Taiwan University of Sport, Taiwan
Zhi-Yu, Wang S608 The sport performance of intervene battling ropes training and single bout intensity of the response Chinese Culture University, Taiwan
王梁 S609 Case studies of postoperative functional rehabilitation training for Judo athlete's shoulder joint habitual dislocation Hebei Normal University, China
郭丞 S610 國家女子柔道隊損傷調查及物理治療手段分析 河北省體育科學研究所, 中國
陳朝福 S611 台灣男子鉛球選手不同動作技術表現之運動學分析 中國文化大學, 台灣
Yu-Chen Pan S612 Comparison of rotation range of motion between shoulders in junior male tennis players 國立彰化師範大學, 台灣
Tomas K Tong S613 "Functional" inspiratory and core muscle training enhances running performance and economy Hong Kong Baptist Univeristy, Hong Kong
Junzhi Sun S614 Constitutive Characteristics of Impact Factors of the Top International Sport Sciences Journals Chengdu Sport University, China, China
Po-Fang Huang S615 Strength and Conditioning Periodization nad Physical Changes on Swimming Athletes- an Example of Taiwan-Record Holder of Butterfly Stroke, Xiao-Yong Zhou Beijing Sport University, Taiwan
許錫賢 S616 四週羽球米字步高強度間歇訓練對大學男子羽球運動員生理指標 中國文化大學, 中國